Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wine Review: Cerbaiolo Sensi Toscana 1997 (NW)

Subtle, earthy nose
Tobacco, leather, and earth on the palate; not much fruit
A little tangy with a hint of molasses on the finish

Kind of a strange wine! First of all, it was shelved as if it's a current release in the store- but it's a 1997. The sale price was $10 and I couldn't determine the original price. I wasn't surprised by the flavors that emerged, but the label says it's a "super-Tuscan" style blend of Sangiovese and Merlot so I was expecting a little more fruit. The reason I grabbed it, though, was because I was intrigued to see a 1997 Tuscan blend at this price. And after all, in the world of wine, $10 is not a big capital risk when you want to try something on a whim.

This type of wine is an acquired taste because it's not very fruity. For that reason, I don't recommend this particular label unless you're sure you like the style. If you do, raise a glass!

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