Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Special One Year Anniversary Toast To You

Dear Readers it has been one year that we have been writing and sharing wines together. This has been an amazing year for (PB), (NW), and me. We have seen TWCB go from an idea one late December to a reality that is now syndicated and going strong.

TWCB has meant a lot to me. I have gone from a wine NOOB to a wine-not-quite-a-noob in the past year. Someone asked me today how to start wine tasting. I said that you just start. I have learned to take time to taste and see and smell and feel the wine - oh, and to drink it. I have learned to unpack the flavor layers (at least to start to identify them).

There is such an amazing world within the glass. To learn to uncover it has been fantastic. I have consulted TWCB reviews myself to see not what I "ought" to smell or taste, but rather what may be there. If I smell citrus, is it pineapple, grapefruit, or something like apricot? Is that strawberry or cherry I smell? TWCB has been instrumental in helping to give me that steer. I hope it has been that way for you as well.

We realize that this could not have been a reality without YOUR readership. So to YOU, dear reader, we RAISE A GLASS!!

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