Monday, December 12, 2005

Terra Unica Reserva 2000 (Wine Review) by (PB)

This Spanish red is 50% Tempranillo (pronounced Tempra-NEE-o) and 50% Monastrell and has a light bouquet of dried cherries. In the mouth it is bone dry and tart with tight tannins. From the Alicante region of Spain, this wine has a background flavor I can only describe as a floral taste-not an aroma. Interesting...

After a few minutes of breathing, there is a very earthy base and earthy, musty flavors that are not unpleasant. The finish is actually quite lasting with the tannins smoothing out fairly nicely.

I picked this up in the Boston area for $9. Not bad for the price and certainly unique from the hum-drum carbon copy wines that abound today. Raise a glass of this Spanish red!

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