Thursday, December 22, 2005

Terrazas de Las Andes 2004 (wine review) by (PB)

This Malbec is from Argentina which is nearly a redundant statement; Malbec is becoming the king of Argentinean varietals and deservedly so. This one is really austere on opening with aromas only slight with a hint of pepper.

In the mouth it is well balanced with plenty of peppery tastes and a little meatiness like fried bologna. Nothing remarkable but I suspect it just needs some air.

Indeed-with a half an hour or so, a nice bouquet is emitted with “wild” aromas, subtle chocolate and good, solid rustic flavors.

This is not a "classy" wine but it is well made and favorably balanced. This would be the perfect paring for a good, wild game dish like tagliatelle and boar—reminiscences of a past Tuscan adventure…

Subsequent to my review I checked the Wine Spectator to see if they had rated this wine; The Wine Spectator gave this wine an “88” and a “best buy” rating. At $10, I agree with the best buy but “88” is generous. None-the-less, raise a glass to Argentina!

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Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I spent a very thirsty week in Argentina in 2004. We encountered out the Terrazas Malbec early, and often, both in 'regular' as well as "Reserva" edition. They were great. Being very partial to cabernet, we drifted toward the Terrazas Cab, and actually ended up prefering it to the Malbec, and the regular cab to the reserva bottling. I managed to find a case of the latter after returniing to the USA.