Monday, December 26, 2005

New Years Eve Wine Selections (PB)

New Years Eve and Champagne are synonymous or at least almost! So what to pop on that special annual night of raucous celebration?

First- some general tips: My comments will be “general”rather than steering you toward a specific wine which you may not be able to find. Second: I am one of the “everyman” types whose pocket book is thin so my general recommendations are with that in mind!

Don’t go blowing you money on a bottle of bubbly that costs over $20 unless you know what you are drinking! It just isn’t worth it in my humble opinion.

Some tips–I like the “new” sparkling reds that are out like
“Vixen” sparkling Shiraz. It tastes like Shiraz with a nice zippy fizz. ($18)
Codorniu–Spanish sparkler for around $10
Chateau St. Michelle “Domaine Michelle” anything they make is decent $10
Seaview Brut 8 for the price, hard to beat
Friexnet Cordon Negro $8 for the price hard to beat (no that’s not a typo)
Mumm’s Brut Prestige–about $18 and quite nice (one of my favorites)

Whatever you do, DON’T buy one of the many over-sugared soda-pop wines that taste like they have Alka-Seltzer added for the fizz. As you can see, you don’t have to spend a great deal to have a palatable sparkler.

There are many, many more suggestions “out there.” Keep checking back with us and we’ll see if we can’t get some more ideas posted for you! Whatever you do, raise a glass and for Pete’s sake, don’t DRIVE if you do!

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