Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pride Mountain Merlot 2000 wine review by (PB)

This was the second wine served blind in (NW) and my little taste off. Be sure to read the entry below and (NW's) entries on these same wines.

My notes say--this wine is young with a tuch of purple in the rim, solid dark berry color with a room oozing bouquet of fresh grapes also giving off a "Barolo" like aroma with a touch of licorice.

This is a big new world wine I wrote that is rich and young, a bit hot at first with gobs of ripe, jammy fruit. In the mouth it tastes fleshy with a finish that has touches of chocolate and espresso.
This was delicious and when (NW) unveiled it I was amazed that it was 7 years old. It had lots of life left in it. (NW) apparently misunderstood my instructions re: the price of the wine and said he thought it has to be over $50. (Tee-hee-hee...) This wine was $55 and really nice!

Once the wines were unveiled, we could taste them side by side which really allows other things to be revealed. the Rioja, though a really nice wine, was in a different ball park than the Pride Mountain Merlot. And the idiot from the movie "Sideways" who didn't want to see another Merlot was, well, I think I covered that...

This was a great exercise and we topped them off with a Filet Mignon's on the grill with a crab, cream cheese sauce on top. Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Raise a glass to the good life!

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