Monday, February 19, 2007

Pillar Box Red 2005 wine review by (PB)

(NW) was in town recently and brought this Aussie Shiraz to try on for size.
"WARNING" This wine is a nuclear fruit bomb!
In the glass the swirl leaves pigmentation from the grapes on the sides. It is a deep aubergine/black cherry in color wowing form the start.

The bouquet is ridiculous; it smells like its thick with ripe--did I say ripe? RIPE black plums and toast. This is a fruit bomb of the 20 megaton order.

In the mouth it is rich and deep in the mouth, almost over the top. Big pepper note amidst oceans of fruit. It is jammy, dark berry flavors, espresso and a tad sweet. This is clearly made for the new world, popular palate.

So is that wrong? Some would say so. But again, it all comes down to preference. Which is better blue or red? It's a question with out an objective answer. (NW) said it right when he said you have to be in the mood for this kind of wine. ( scroll down for his review)

If you're pairing it with something to eat, make sure that something is kicking and hefty. I like this wine and for the price of $10, it is a different world than many wines at the same price point. Raise a glass!


Anonymous said...

curiesI received lot of debris in my bottle of 2006 Piller Box Red.I'm not sure what it is.

Jeremy said...

That would be from either stems, skins or leaves...part of the process of making wine.