Saturday, February 10, 2007

Concannon Central Coast Syrah Selected Vineyards 2003 Wine Review (NW)

Tasting notes:
Raspberry, tea, and black pepper on the nose
Medium bodied on the palate
Moderately smooth finish with berries

Concannon produces a number of decent value varietal wines. This Syrah is a slightly lighter style, but has some nice flavors and a decent texture. If you want a deep, dark, rich Syrah, this is not it. However, for a $9 taste of the California version of the varietal, it's not bad.

Recently, PB and I stopped in a local wine shop and found bins full of Concannon wines priced at 2 for $12. Although this wasn't one of them (I picked it up a week earlier), these sale bins presented some extremely good values for very drinkable wines. If you see something like this in a store, it's worth grabbing a few to see what you like. You might just discover a wine that a producer happens to do really well.

As we taste through these wines from Concannon, we'll let you know if anything jumps out. So far, after a couple of tastings, we've found them to be consistently well-made. Yes, they're rather plain but what a price for wines that are at least tru to their varietal labels. Raise a glass!

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