Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lisa Terras Do Sado 2005 Rose wine review by (PB)

This Portuguese gemstone is a beautiful bright cherry that is darker than many roses with a gorgeous pinkness to the rim. (That's right, I said "pinkness!")

The bouquet of this wine is super and that even with serving it too cold. (My ambient cellar is currently at 48 degrees; it is around zero outside...) Aromas of delicious fruity strawberry and raspberry wrapped in a bundle of summer flowers with a gentle touch of spice.

It is a little weak on structure but at the price of $5.79 I shouldn't even mention that. The finish is just pure fruitiness. If you can find this, grab it, chill it down, but not to 48 degrees, and just enjoy it all by itself. Raise a glass.

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