Monday, February 19, 2007

Chateau De Capitanes Julienas (Beaujolais Cru) 2005 wine review by (PB)

We purchased this wine at a restaurant in Camden for a special over-nighter with my bride of 33 years. She had ordered Rabbit with egg noodles and I ordered breast of duck with goat cheese grits and roasted cauliflower. Some delicate flavors and some hefty ones gave reason to put some thought in to the pairing decision that would satisfy both meals.

The fruitiness of the Gamay grape and the fine crafting of this wine made it a nice pairing. The wine was served in a glass that looked and felt like Riedel so I inquired of our wait person. She did some checking and sure enough, it was a Riedel. This was a smart move as many restaurants serve wine in clunky, goblets which is disconcerting when you're paying at least 100% mark up over retail for the wine you order.

The wine was brought to the table to have me check the label and then it was opened in front of me. This is as it should be although some very high end restaurants take the bottle once approved, and open it away from the patron. This is a major no-no in my book as there is then no guarantee that the wine you were brought for approval and are paying for, is the wine you are receiving. (A wine of the caliber that we bought paying $38 for it, is not likely to be a wine that anyone would bother swapping out but when you are paying $200 for a bottle and above and they remove it from your sight to open it, frankly, I would refuse it.) It is sad to be so cynical but there is much under handed doings in the world of wine at all levels. Insist your bottle is opened in front of you!

It is a pretty cherry color with a garnet rim but served a bit too warm. Fortunately it wasn't distracting but this nice restaurant should do better with its wine storage.

The bouquet is fresh with a touch of raspberry and strawberry with a gentle structure and rather elegant. Typical Gamay freshness and is juicy and delicious and paired well with both dinners. Raise a glass to Francine's Bistro in Camden, Maine.

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