Monday, February 19, 2007

Gruet "Brut" wine review by (PB)

Every state in the union now makes wine. But when my wife and I were at the coast of Maine recently, I dropped in the Lilly, Lupine and Fern wine shop in Camden. This is s shop that knows wine. I was looking for a split (that's a half bottle) of a sparkling wine that was inexpensive but drinkable. The proprietor suggested I try this sparkler from--New Mexico! Nothing against New Mexico, but I don't believe I have had a wine from this state and certainly wouldn't think of a sprakling wine made in the classic Methode Champanoise [may-TOHD shahm-peh-NWAHZ] in this state I picture as mostly desert.

The shop owner was excited about this wine which is usually a really good sign! I bought the split for $11 and took it back to our room and stuck it in the snow to put a chill on it.

The wine is made of 75% Chardonnay and 25% Pinot Noir. The wine sits pale straw in the glass, with vanilla and apple bouquet that is powdery. (My wife vehemently disputed that there was any vanilla in the nose at all. Since it's my blog, VANILLA goes in the review.)

It gives the impression that it is sweet but it really isn't--just fruity with grapefruit notes and nice little bubbles to make it sparkle.

We had this with appetizers before heading out for dinner. Thanks to the folks at Lilly, Lupine and Fern for the suggestion. Raise a glass!

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