Sunday, February 25, 2007

Beaumont des Crayeres Grand Prestige Brut wine review by (PB)

This was the third of our OTBN offerings courtesy of (NW)--read previous entries for full story...
This Champagne is light golden with pin prick bubbles which dance, burst and emit a luscious, butter and almond nose.

In the mouth the effervescence is lively, the flavor is tight but refreshing and the wine is nice and crisp. This was a nice pairing with appetizers and palate cleanser. Good champagnes in the price range ($30) are not all that ample. But this one is a keeper. Raise a glass.


Anonymous said...

I see there are no object fruit , wood, or mineral/earthy descriptions here? There are only subjective flimsy assessment of this wine. Why are not you taking a real stand and at the very least explaining what the 'pin prick bubbles do for you or the wines enjoyment? Can you see a contradictory in the tight clean crisp description and the followed up with 'ample ' implied mid-palate? Please address the luscious nose and if indeed it actually follows through to the tase of the wine itself?

Anonymous said...

Andy, I think you misunderstand the use of the word "ample" in the subject review.