Saturday, February 17, 2007

Domaine Ste. Michelle Wine Review by (PB)

This NV cuvee (NV = non vintage and Cuvee pronounced Koo-Vay) is a Washington State sparkler that is really quite nice for the price. My lover and wife of 33 years brought it home for Valentine's Day and we had it with a French onion tart I whipped up.

It is a pale straw in the glass and I was rather surprised with the generous bouquet of light fruit and load of vanilla. The bubbles are pin-prick and pretty as they rise in streams to the top of the glass.

In the mouth, it is citrusy, juicy and simple but well made. I am not a huge sparkler fan but sometimes it's just the right thing and this was such a time. It was a nice food wine and made a decent aperitif as well. For the $11, this is one of those reliable wines from a reliable Washington State producer. Their other sparklers at the same price point are equally tasty. Don't be afraid to raise a glass of any of them!

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