Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Vallado Duoro Vinho Tinto 2002 (NW)

Vallado Duoro Vinho Tinto 2002:

Exotic spicyness
Cherry, tabacco, and vegetable flavors
Tangy finish

I walked into one of the good wine stores I like to visit and asked the resident guru for a really unique red. He immediately began talking about Portugal and trotted across the store toward this wine. As it turns out, a lot of wine lovers are talking about Portugal. Long known for world-class Port wines, Portugal is emerging as a producer of interesting dry red table wines as well. I've seen a lot of articles on this lately and am beginning to sample them when I find them. This particular wine was a lot of fun to try and I paid just $12 for the bottle. Raise a glass to Portugal!

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