Sunday, September 11, 2005

Punter’s Corner Cabernet Sauvignon 1999 (PB)

This Aussie red was bought on close out for $13 priced $25 regularly. The 1999 vintage was a low yielding year in Coonawarra and the wines tend to be pretty fair. This one has a nice bouquet of lush fruit and a pleasant pruney nose.

In the mouth it is at first, unexciting, closed and unyielding of what I think is there. It needs air. With a half hour or so there are good cab aromas with a foundation of daffodils that I am not crazy about; some might call it vegetal. The tannins are mature and will hold out for another couple years I would guess. It opens to a full bodied, full bouquet’d wine with cab flavors, plush tannins ans strong flavor. It is pretty nice but rather simple. It was worth the $13, but not the $25 it was priced at. Raise a glass and enjoy!

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