Saturday, September 03, 2005

Cuvaison Pinot Noir “Carneros” 2003 (PB)

Please note--In the interest of full disclosure The Wine Cask wants you to know that this wine was received from the folks at Cuvaison for gratis. Have no concerns re: a conflict of interest though; if the wines they (or anyone else for that matter) ever send are inferior in any way, we’d let you know. (NW) happened to be in town when the wine arrived and you will be reading his review of the same wine. I urge you to compare his and mine noting similarities and differences (I haven’t seen his review myself) remembering wine tasting is a subjective discipline on an objective playing field.

The bouquet of this classically colored Pinot is shallow yet with a fine nose of cherries. In the mouth the flavor is big! This wine relinquished none of its energy to the bouquet—that’s for sure. It is a bit hot with somewhat of fruit compote of flavors of plum, raisins and currants. The finish is decent with a hint of smoke. With some air it is still a bit hot with more layers of chocolate, cherries, raisins and plums. Cuvaison’s suggested retail price is $25. At $15 this would be a value wine; at $25 it’s a little ambitious. We paired with our dinner of sautéed chicken breasts, and tortellini.

Again we raise a glass to “Billy” the third in our triumvirate blog and again watch for (NW’s) review of this same wine as we were together when we reviewed it yet independent of each other. Thanks to the folks at Cuvaison for the opportunity.

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