Thursday, September 01, 2005

Aresti Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Rio Claro 2000 (PB)

This Chilean varietal has an impressive bouquet of ripe fruit aromas with a sublte apple breeze way underneath and green pepper in the nose.
In the mouth this wine is a bit harsh but a nice touch of spice, a hint of chocolate, a little smoke helps you overlook the “heat” of imbalanced alcohol. Tannins are bit rough.

With some air the tannins don’t really loosen up and it’s still a bit harsh. Cherries just ooze from the bouquet though with ripe plums to boot. For $11, Chile continues to push bold, expressive full bodied wines that tend towards value than not. It easily handled my grilled sirloin with Zatarains very strongly spiced rice. Raise a glass once again to Chile!

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