Friday, September 23, 2005

Beaulieu Vineyards Tapestry Reserve 2000 (PB)

This is the wine that the Wine Spectator just seems to love to hate. Ever since Beaulieu’s TCA problem in the late 90's (TCA is a contaminant that imparts off flavors to a wine likened to wet paper, wet cement, or musty) their wine gets a poor rating that defies normal sensibilities. This wine rated a 77 by Wine Spectator’s ratings in two blind tastings. Never-the-less, I am a fan of BV’s Tapestry. How much of a fan? I took a bottle of BV tapestry to Italy 2 years ago when touring Tuscany. There in the historic birth place of Vignamaggio–the birth place of Mona Lisa–my wife and I and (NW) and our daughter sat outside eating bread, cheese, boar sausage, and in the heart of Chianti, had the audacity to open a bottle of this Napa blend.

I am such a fan of this wine that an oil painting of a bottle of Tapestry and some cheese graces the wall of my living room painted by my daughter who sells her still lifes for thousands of dollars.

Can such a fan be objective–not entirely but I know a “77" point wine from a good wine.

This wine is still young on opening and needs plenty of air. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot from selected vineyards of Napa is tight in all ways yet with a pretty bouquet of fresh fruit even if light. In the mouth the tannins are really tight and flavors are subdued.

With decanting, it opens nicely thought more understated than previous vintages I have had. Never-the-less, flavors of cherries with a hint of chocolate and licorice are prevalent at this time. The tannins border on gentle if not plush and the finish a bit herbal. With more time., a big plummy bouquet emerges with currants closely behind. I like earlier vintages better which is why I have a 98 and a 99 in my cellar. As for The Wine Spectator’s 77 rating, either they have supernatural taste sensors or I wildly blinded by the label. I don’t think the latter is true. But whatever, I enjoyed raising a glass o this favorite again!

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Anonymous said...

A wine this good must have a little dirt on the finish!