Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 (NW)

Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon 2004:

Black currant, plum, and milk chocolate on the nose and palate
A brief note of plastic?
Plum takes over on the smooth finish
Mild tannins

This wine was fantastic in 2002 and not so good in 2003. Because of that, I was anticipating a recovery for 2004. After patiently waiting for the release in my area, I scooped up the first bottle in great anticipation. Two years ago I bought the wine for $7 and last week I paid $10. Sadly, it just isn't what I was hoping for. Along with the nice soft fruit flavor, there is also a brief plastic note. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but there is something there that doesn't fit. I have concluded, though, that it's not worth spending any more time analyzing. Since I can't decide if I really like this wine or not, I'm done trying. There's too much wine out there for me to waste any more type on this. Raise a glass (of something you know you like).


nywinos said...

We tasted this wine tonight and were also very disappointed. Vinegar and rubber tires were the prevailing tastes. Ugh. Would you believe that Mr. nywino dumped his glass out????

Anonymous said...

I actually really like this wine. It is very young and needs a long time to open (1-2 hrs) but when it does it has really nice fruit and a balanced lite finish. I think in time this will be real nice

Anonymous said...

I love this cab-spicy, full bodied, and fruit-laden....with a soft finish. Love it

WineVixen said...

This wine is excellent. I opened a bottle about an hour ago. I wish I had another bottle of this wine.

It has hints of mulberries and pepper. It creamy and has a dainty ending.