Thursday, September 15, 2005

Camelot Pinot Noir 2003 (PB)

From the folks that had such a high value Pinot Noir a couple years ago comes the 2003 varietal that has the typical light, almost sickly pale red pour of Pinot Noir. The bouquet is light of cherries and berries with a nose of the same. There is some steel and a little greeness as well with a hint of the trademark funkiness of the Pinot Noir grape.

(I rated this wine back in March [look it up to see o=how a wine matures]but had forgotten that I did so. I just stumbled onto my previous review from march.) This wine has really improved in the 6 months!)

In the mouth it is tart but works as a major milk chocolate flavor is prominent and lingers. With an hour of breathing the tartness has mellowed, the flavors are big and everything about this wine gets better. And get ready for the price of what is a really nice wine and SUPER value; it cost me $6.50!

This puppy is going on the recommended wine list! It pairs well with so many foods; we had mahogany clams in a wine sauce for an appetizer and then I browned some veal rib chops on the stove finishing them in the oven. The bottle is DRY! A complement indeed. Raise a bottle of this bargain today!

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