Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Twin Fin 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon (PB)

The bouquet on this purple, young California wine is light with and equally light nose on opening of blackberries and plums. In the mouth it is sweet, tannic and rather simple but finishes with a very fleeting hint of chocolate. With 15 minutes of air the nose goes green though the flavors are rich though the tannins are puckery.

With more time, green peppers and oak are prominent, tannins actually relent to a nice balanced wine. If you like a sweeter type cab this is quite flavorful, fruit forward, new world and a nice finish! Raise a glass for $10 a bottle. Wine Spectator rates this wine a generous 87.


Benito said...

I reviwed this wine a couple of months ago--loved it, and I hated to see it disappear so quickly. The Pinot Noir wasn't as good, and I never got around to their whites... Still love the label on that wine.

PB said...

You found this at $6? Sheesh, what part of the country is that? I want to live there! :) Thanks for your comment.

benito said...


I live in Memphis, which is in every other respect a terrible place to be a wine lover. Read my woeful post on the subject, such as not being able to get wine via mail or on Sundays, or anywhere other than a liquor store.

However, I do have a local wine shop that gets a lot of bargain table wines at good prices, and they actually let all of the staff evaluate them before making the final purchase. I've been quite happy with their selections, and have posted reviews of many of them.