Monday, September 12, 2005

Chateau De Sales 2001 (PB)

This Bordeaux from the Pomerol region is a nice deep red, green on opening in the bouquet with olives, daffodils and asparagus in the swirl.

In the mouth this wine is downright elegant. This is a superbly balanced wine even on opening. With some air, it is unusually consistent with no real benefit from breathing. My assessment is this wine is at it’s absolute peak. Tannins are lush, flavors are deep and yet disappointingly simple. With air a little bit of cherry does come out and maybe even some menthol, but however you slice it, this Bordeaux from the 2001 vintage which was almost excellent is a very well made wine. I paid $22 for it about 1 ½ years ago and wanted to lay it down for just such a time as this. I’m glad I waited. Raise a glass!

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Tripp Fenderson said...

Just picked up a bottle for dinner this past weekend. What a wonderful addition to our evening.

Chateau de Sales