Friday, September 30, 2005

J.W. Morris Chenin Blanc 2003 (PB)

This is the other wine I bought along with the Gewurztraminer—rated a couple days ago—for $2.99. There’s actually some fairly strong Chenin aromas and lemons on the nose. In the mouth it is much too sweet and the sweetness kills the light varietal flavors that are there. Clearly the bouquet is the best part of this wine but once again, at this price, to be even drinkable, this wine is a value. For the uneducated palate, it would be a good party wine to serve though too sweet to be a good food wine. Never-the-less, at this price I say, raise a glass!

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e.rod said...

Use to buy the JW Morris chenin blanc at Trader Joes, but they do not stock it anymore. Does anyone know where it can get it. I am in Orange County, Calif. Thanks