Thursday, September 29, 2005

Rancho Arroyo Grande Syrah 2002 Private Reserve (PB)

Friends came over for dinner at my daughter and son’s-in-law house and brought a bottle of this wine. The bottle was given to him by an acquaintance who happens to be the owner of Rancho Arroyo Vineyards and is the winemaker as well.

On opening, this Syrah sits pretty in the glass and has a nice Syrah nose that is rich in blackberries with an under-layer of currants though quite subdued at the moment. It has good structure though a little hot. It holds promise for opening up with a little breathing. When it opens it ought to be full bodied even if somewhat understated for this grape.

Indeed a good half hour of air helps open this wine though it is still a bit hot. Currants abound with a hint of cherries and a nice layer of vanilla to boot. The finish has olives and a typical inky Syrah ending--a nice well structured wine. At around $25, it is a good example of the grape.

It is a treat to have a wine such as this knowing some of the background of the producer and personal connection to the one who crafted it. This is just another facet of what makes oenology the special endeavor that it is. Thanks Dave! Raise a glass!!!

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