Sunday, September 18, 2005

Howell Mountain Vinyards Black Sears Zinfandel 2001 (NW)

Howell Mountain Vinyards Black Sears Zinfandel 2001:

Rich, sweet nose
Layers of cherry, spice, mushroom, and bread
Very smooth finish

I go through phases when I love California Zinfandel. Typical characteristics include a little spicyness, higher alcohol content, and very ripe flavors. This wine was a special treat at a restaurant three years ago and I found a couple of bottles after some searching for $37 each. This was the last bottle and it tasted great. We decanted it, which was probably not necessary but a fun ceremonial act. Robust Zinfandel from California can be a real treat, but make sure you're in the mood for it. Raise a glass!

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