Friday, September 09, 2005

Gaiter and Brecher are back!

Gaiter and Brecher are back in the Friday edition of the Wall Street Journal!

After a summer hiatus for a little R and R, I presume, they are back to their routine, down to earth, common sense approach to all things wine. Apparently their summer recreation took them back to wine country and today’s column (9-9-05) is a smorgasbord of their visits with various wineries and their assessments of tasting rooms, kid-friendly environments and the best deal going in Sonoma–a 7 course food and wine pairing for $20!

So if you’re not familiar with their column, pay the buck and get the WSJ each Friday. Their column is worth the $1 alone! Sit down, read along and raise a glass to Summer while it lasts!

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