Friday, November 03, 2006

Swedish Hill Cayuga White Finger Lakes 2005 wine review by (PB)

Friends went to upstate New York and brought us back this gift. I opened it last night to try it with a bouillabaisse not knowing anything about the wine.

The Cayuga grape was designed at Cornell University for the cold-climate conditions of New York State's Finger Lakes region. It is a hybrid of the Seyval Blanc and Schuyler cultivars bred to endure the harsh winters of New York. I was skeptical of this wine but...

On opening I was overwhelmed with the scent of apples so much so that it smelled like apple juice. In the glass it has a pale golden hue with a slight tinge of green and this really nice bouquet of fresh apples, a hint of pear and cream.

In the mouth there are mineral notes with a steely quality; it is off dry with decent fruit flavors. The structure is a tad weak but not distracting and the finish is just more apples.

It paired really well with the seafood soup and was a nice treat of a wine. Raise a glass and “Thanks” to the “V’s” of Winslow, Maine!

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