Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rombauer Chardonnay (Carneros) 2004 wine review by (PB)

Well, Thanksgiving day is always a festive time and when (NW) and myself happen to be together on that festive day, it means wine a plenty. We had a total of 10 wines between the night before, the day of and the day after. We sacrifice our free time and our wants and desires for the soul purpose of being able to inform you of what works and what doesn’t; what’s good and what’ not so good. Yes, we do it ALL for you. Okay maybe not so much, but you are always in mind! For the next few days you will be reading about the wines we experienced from the vantage points of two of our three reviewers.

Unfortunately (Billy) was duty bound in Times Squares over the holiday slaving away for “The man” and his family. We missed you Beege!

Our adventure began with (NW) coming out of his walk-in cellar with a half bottle of Rombauer Chardonnay which is one of his favorites when he’s in the mood for this type of Chard. I had never had it as it is a bit pricey running about $30 for a full bottle.

This Chard is a pale golden with a wonderful bouquet of Crème Brulee all the way with pumpkin spice in the nose. Really nice!

In the mouth this wine is almost thick yet it is supple with marvelous acid and a fruit laden buttery feel in the mouth. The finish just keeps on giving. I concluded my notes with “Wow!” So this was the first fitting glass we raised—for YOU of course—and we did many more so drop by again!


Brian said...

Have you tried the Chateau Boswell Chardonnay-from a producer across the road from Rombauer? Very rich and thick.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard nor seen Ch. Boswell. Would love to try it. What does it run and what part of the country are you in? (PB)

Anonymous said...

This is good wine. Really recommend it. Toner

Brian Miller said...

It's very pricey. I think it's quite a bit more than the Rombauer, unfortunately. I've been bitten by "the bug" and I spend way too much money (there's an article near the front of Wine Spectator about collecting addicts like me, but I don't have the income of the average WS reader, so :)).

They are kind of a cult-scale producer (400 cases), but they do have a website.

I live in Northern California, and I do quite a bit of bicycling-especially in Wine Country during the fall (California does too have pretty falls! :)) I have been stopping at small, obscure family wineries-and sometimes you find gems!