Sunday, November 19, 2006

Banrock Station Merlot 2005 wine review by (PB)

This Aussie wine is a pretty good example of the benefit of the wine glut facing the vintners from “Down Undah!” Too much wine means bargain prices and this Merlot, which I picked up for $6, is typical. It is a light red cherry in color with lighter fruit but quite nice with some cedar and spice in the nose.

The flavor fills the mouth better than you would expect based on the color and price with a jammy fruit, smoke and oak presence. The texture is a bit thin but still yields a decent finish of ripe fruit.

With some air time, a smokey layer emerges and the fruit seem to thin out; it was better on opening. The finish is smokey and oakey. For the price, this was okay. Not a classic Merlot but a decent enough wine to slosh back with a grilled steak. Raise a glass!


Box Wine Guy said...

I tried a Banrock Station Shiraz earlier this year. For a $6 wine, it was enjoyable enough. It seems the shelves are filled with quite decent Aussie reds for well under $10.

Jeff Potter said...

I'm a fan of cheap wine. And I was thinking there isn't much actually bad wine out there anymore. I only rarely dip under the $5 mark, though. Well, I just bought a bunch of "BS" bottles, marked down more than half price at our local grocery store. From $9 to $4. I tried the '05 Shiraz and '05 Chardonnay. Yuck! They're both syrupy. At first I thought the Shiraz was a good chewy but it soon turned to paint. Headache material with one glass. Worst wines in years. I also have a Merlot and Reisling. To give the brand a try. I tried. I'm going to try to return them. I don't like wasting even short change, nor do I like hurting my mouth.

thesleepdeprivedmomma said...

For years I was a beer or spirits girl. Then I met my Mother-in-law, who taught me to enjoy wine, on a budget. Over the years we've cycled though several decent table wines and had the occasional premium bottle on the rare night out. We started dabbling in Aussie brands a few years ago. When I first started buying Banrock Station, I was a fan but, in the last year, something has changed. The last bottle I got was the blend and the greasy texture of the first glass was enough to convince me to go without. My husband poured a glass after it had "breathed" and spit it in the sink. He said it tasted like paint thinner. Very disappointed but there are so many brands out there to try that I'll remain optimistic in my endeavors.

Sew Prim Khris said...

I just LOVE the Crimson Cabernet. I love sweeter wines and this one is not too is just perfect and I can drink a full bottle easily. And no headache or hangover.