Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lenz Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon wine review by (PB)

This was one of the six wines sent to us by our friends at Lenz Winery on Long Island. (See disclaimer and previous review of their Merlot)

Sharing Thanksgiving with my daughter and (NW) in Boston we wanted to taste this wine together. It was served to us with one other wine in a tandem blind tasting. In other words, two wines, which we knew would be served but we didn’t know which was which.

Both (NW) and I pegged the New York wine against the Washington State wine. Here are my notes; (NW’s) will follow later.

Tight stingy bouquet with green pepper, herbal nose. It is coarsely varietal, austere and rustic with austere finish; more Old World in style; needs air. (Just on the smell, I figured this to be the NY State wine as opposed to the New World style of the other wine.)

With some breathing, the herbal tones disappear to reluctantly give up fruit and pepper in the nose. In the mouth this wine gives forth loads of fruit, brown sugar and cinnamon flavors. Some plum and blackberry fruit ride along. This wine runs about $30. You need a discriminating palate to appreciate this wine. Raise a glass!

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