Friday, November 17, 2006

Beuajolias Nouveau 2006 Georges Du Boeuf wine review by (PB)

This was the only Nouveau released yesterday in my area.
(We'll be reviewing others as they become available.)

So here goes:
This wine is a bright purple/cherry color which is really pretty and the bouquet smells of strawberry candy with a really nice nose of more of the same.

In the mouth however, the first impression is that it is fairly tart, and thin on the flavor that was giving off such a nice aroma on the swirl. The finish is swift but has a very fleeting blast of fresh fruit.

Honestly, this is your typical Nouveau. If you read my post about B. Nouveau’s release, then you know that it is rarely about the wine but the fun and fan fare surrounding this wine and the convivial atmosphere of friends and family.

What makes this wine a bit disappointing is that I remember too well the extraordinary wine of last year’s Nouveau. I believe I wrote that 2005 was the best I can remember in many years. But to compare this wine to anything other than the moment, is to misunderstand wine in general and Nouveau in particular.

So forget the review and buy a bottle and give it a bit of a chill and then raise a glass to the “Joie de Vie!”

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