Saturday, March 11, 2006

Paolo Scavino Rosso Vina Di Tavola 2003 wine review by (PB)

This Piedmont red is just plain wonderful! I picked it up in Boston on a recent trip to visit (NW) and we made our obligatory wine adventures to new wine shops. We stopped in at Brookline Liquor Mart where I met the distributor whose name, I am sorry to say, escapes my 52 year old mind cluttered with all manner of“stuff.”

After talking wine, she made some recommendations which I took her up on. This was one of them.

Wow! A while back I was frenetically trying to find a 2001 “La Volta” which I never did find. This wine reminds me of that wine VERY much and it is about $10 cheaper than the La Volta.

This beauty has a bouquet of flowers and candy being made on the stove with tremendous sweet aromas with a creamy tone. Fabulous! The candy nose takes on sweet cherries and a hint of Jasmine.

In the mouth--on opening--this wine is tart, minerally and stingy on every count with chewy tannins. The flavors are tighter than Joan River’s face after her third face lift.

After an hour of breathing, the bouquet is grand yet with more dried cherries this time around and a suggestion of horseradish on the trail. (That may sound nasty but it is actually amazing and wonderful.)

There is plenty of old world flavor in the mouth with a little spice forward, black and white pepper, fruit on the rear with a finish of fresh cherries that lasts. At $15, this is a must find!

Raise a glass or three. Recommended!

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