Monday, March 27, 2006

Paitin Langhe 2001 wine review by (PB)

On a trip to Boston to visit (NW) we stopped by several wine shops and after talking wine to one of the distributors who happened to be in the store at the time, I bought this wine on her recommendation.

It has a gorgeous color of intense burgundy (the color, not the region) with a bouquet of candided cherries, pipe tobacco with a tinge of spices and herbs.

In the mouth the tannins are wound tighter than a rubber band over the hind end of a pig. It needs to breathe!

With some air time, this wine has black cherry, anise and fruit filled jam. It is still tight, and immature. This wine will hold for several years to come.

A layer of dill emerges–nice! The problem with this wine is we drank it too quickly! (NW) was here and we had Timbalo–the labor intensive, but ever so rewarding Italian festival food. It needs plenty of time to breathe (decant it) or let sit for another 2-4 years. At any rate we all liked it, even at $28! Raise a glass!

(Watch for (NW's) review of this wine as well!

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