Saturday, March 25, 2006

Darioush Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 wine review by (PB)

In Chicago last Summer I stopped in a huge wine chain and was fantasizing in the midst of reverie. I decided to splurge and started shopping for a higher end red looking toward Beaulieu Vineyard’s Georges De Latour line of Cabernet. I found one for about $65 and had it in my hand. But I asked one of the knowledgeable wine people what he would buy if he had $65 to spend. He said the wine I had was quite good but if I wanted something ready to drink, he suggested the Darioush.

I went with his recommendation. Now, with (NW) up for the weekend, Steak Florentine on the menu, and a year later, I decided to open this for dinner. What a treat.

This cab is rich and garnet though a bit lighter in color than I would have expected. The bouquet of this wine was wonderful filling the room.

There was a very subtle herbal note (I don’t like herbal in my wine) but this was so faint it was enticing. But the wine was loaded with fruit of rich wild cherries anc an astounding, aroma I can only describe as cream. And this was just smelling the wine. Nice.

In the mouth that flavor of cream was prominent giving a mouth feel that was downright sexy and dried cherries was big. I loved it. This is a fruit forward wine, new world with an under layer of smoke. Smelling the “empty” glass was a treat and the remnant wine was exuding Thanksgiving jellied, cranberry sauce. We all loved this wine and was bummed that it was gone so quickly.

To quote Ferris Beuller, “If you have the means, I highly recommend you pick one up.” $65 is a lot of money but, well, it was worth it! Raise a glass!!!

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