Sunday, March 05, 2006

Henschke 2004 Eden Valley Riesling (billy)

Nose: green grass, green apple, soft citrus
Palate: good acidity that provides a strong backbone for this semi-dry Riesling.
Finish: tapering quickly though evenly.

It should be noted that I tasted this bottle after it had already been opened for about a day. Nevertheless, the primary characteristics remained. It was still quite "green" which hinted at the youthfulness. However, the acid backbone of the palate was very strong while not being overpowering or overbalanced. The finish was soft and subtle though I feel that it may have been tempered by the fact that the bottle was opened one day prior.

A nice wine if you can get it.


Anonymous said...

How much?

joeythelemur said...


The price is not known as this was a bottle that I received as a gift while working overseas. I haven't seen it anywhere here in the states. I'm a colleague of Billy's and my wife and I had opened it the night before. I recommend as well, very nice Riesling.