Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hacienda Merlot 2003 wine review by (PB)

This wine has long been touted by (NW) and his wife as one of the favorites I found it in Boston as it is not available in my neck of the woods. For a Merlot, this wine is lighter in color than you would expect of a “good” Merlot but in this case, looks are deceiving.

The bouquet is very nice with a yeasty, fruity cherry and berry nose that is nearly candied. In the mouth this wine is steely like a Sangiovese with a slight sweetness and loaded with fruit and berry flavors. This wine even has a tannic base and a light fruity finish that is minerally and tight.

Now here’s the deal; this wine cost me $5! Wow! It’s not your classic Merlot, just tasty, juicy exuberant inexpensive solidly made wine that I paired with left-over turkey dinner. It was very nice! Cheap Merlots can be rather nasty; this is a great, tasty exception. Find it and slosh it down, especially after a hard day of tracking down poachers! Raise a glass!

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hoemee said...

......certainly food for thought....In the past I have usually reached for a nice cabernet sauvignon( Such as the Silver Oak,1985) after having success in the ever continuing saga of fighting fish and game crimes. I have migrated in this direction as the fruit is commonly blackberry, the herbal asparagus, the oak sweet wood - and when heavy, oak again, in addition to the bottle age typically being cedar. I feel this is a nice finish to a job well done and goes hand in hand with the great outdoors. Your comments have intrigued me and prompted me to consider the Merlot you have recommended here - the price doesn't hurt either! Keep up the good work.