Thursday, February 09, 2006

Vignamaggio Terre Di Prenzano Chianti Classico 2002 Wine Review (NW)

Earthy, mossy Tuscan nose
Plum and olives on the palate
Tangy, fine finish

Vignamaggio is a special label in my household. My wife and I have had three enjoyable visits to the beautiful hillside vineyard where Mona Lisa was born and raised. Because of these special memories, the Vignamaggio wines transport us to a special time and place. This one is a new label for them, priced at $18 which is below their standard Chianti Classico at $24. It is very Tuscan and is appealing for that reason. Earthy dishes with red sauces, olives, and mushrooms should give this wine a chance to come alive. Raise a glass!

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