Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sokol Blosser Meditrina 2004 Wine review by (PB)

The good folks at Paterno Imports—realizing that more and more people are internet savvy—are utilizing top bloggers to put the word out about their wines. They sent the Winecask two different bottles of wine for review. This is the first. I went down to (NW's) for the christening of his new wine cellar and brought the two wines along to be reviewed by each. (Look for his reviews of the same wines.)

This nice red is a unique blend of Pinot Noir (48%) Syrah (39%) and Zinfandel (13%). The wine is produced by Sokol Blosser of Oregon. The grapes used in this wine, are collected from numerous areas including both Washington State (Columbia Valley) and California (Lodi) for example.

It has a pretty and light purple hue on the pour with a light berry bouquet with slight hint of anise with a touch of spice and pepper. In the mouth it is dry as dust, a bit hot with shallow flavors initially. But hang on…Give this wine some room to breathe and open up. When you do, the Pinot Noir clearly comes through as the predominant aroma and yet the Syrah and Zin are both discernible-nice!

This is a totally different wine with half an hour of air with rich berry flavors, anise and a touch of vanilla, rear palate, to finish things off. But after leaving it for a couple hours and retasting it, another layer—chocolate emerges.

I have a reference price for this wine of $12-$15 and at that price, this unique wine is a decent value and worth trying. So raise a glass! (Be sure to look for the subsequent review of the other wine—called Evolution--from Paterno Imports.)

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