Sunday, February 12, 2006

Chateau Simard 1990 wine review by (PB)

(NW) was in town for a quick breeze-through before the blizzard hit and brought with him, a couple of half bottles of two Bordeaux classic wines. One was this 16 year old Ch. Simard and the other was a 4 year old Ch. Gruaud Larose. We had our wives “bag” them so we could taste them blind to see if we could tell the mature wine from the immature wine. Okay, okay, trying to discern the difference between a 16 year old St. Emilion and a 4 year old St. Julien is about as difficult as looking at two women in bikinis trying to pick out the grandmother from the granddaughter.

At any rate, this aged Bordeaux was brick red on the pour with a slight browning to the rim. That this wine was still potable is a credit to the quality of the wine. But its longevity was about the best thing going for it. (Be sure to read (NW’s) review of the same wines to see how we differed on our assessments of these two wines.)

There was fruit in the bouquet that was fully developed and even a bit fresh with green pepper, white pepper, and olive notes. On the palate, there is almost no fruit–not surprising for such a mature St. Emilion–but the nuances of this soon to be dead wine, were unimpressive all the way around. In the end I called it “unremarkable and average.”

But that being said, it was a real treat tasting a wine of this age. It cost (NW) $14 for a 375ml bottle. We didn’t stop there thought as we had the other bottle to taste so raise a glass and read on!

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