Monday, February 20, 2006

Lamole di Lamole Chianti Classico "Blue Label" 2001 Wine Review (NW)

Nice, inviting candied cherry nose
Lively, earthy core
Clean finish

Lamole di Lamole, made in beautiful Gaiole-in-Chianti, Italy, produces two similar Chianti Classico wines. One bottling has a yellow label and the other has a blue label with the notation "aged nine months in barriques." The blue label is the better wine from the 2001 vintage. It has a richer nose and is more lively. If you have the choice, go for blue.

The food pairing was white bean soup- a very Tuscan, earthy dish. For $14 a bottle, you can take a momentary trip to Tuscany, too. Raise a glass!


jim r said...

We (my wife and I and another couple) spent five weeks in Tuscany near San Gimangano and took several day trips to the Chianti region. During the first week we methodically sampled the chianti section at our nearest supermarket, searching for the best "price/performance" chianti. (We tried two different bottles a night for a week). The Lamole di Lamole was the clear winner at seven euros per bottle..and this was not the ""blue label version".

For the next four weeks, we only had this chianti and never tired of it.

Joerg in Tokyo said...

Dear all,

Lamole di Lamole kept me alive in Tokyo. Since two trips to Toscany /Gaiole the yellow lable is in my vine cabinet. Accidentely I found 2003 /yellow in Tokyo for around 2000JPY which is 12€.This taste can help surviving.
Please enjoy the rich flavor. Favorable in Gaiole!!
Regards Joerg

Alan said...

anyone know where i can find the lamole di lamole 2001 or otherwise in australia?

Anonymous said...

i fell in love with the yellow lamole chianti while in lamole a year ago. i am down to my last bottle. where can i get more in either CT/DC??