Thursday, February 23, 2006

Merryvale "Profile" 2000 Wine Review (NW)

Blackberry nose that's somewhat dark and mossy
Cocoa and anise on the palate
Moderate tannins on the finish

At a recent dinner, I had the opportunity to enjoy three well-known Napa Valley wines. Of the three, this was the second best (however, that's not saying much). It was dark and concentrated, but really wasn't very complex. This was complicated by the fact that it was served much too warm.

The store price for this wine is $79; I paid $19 for the glass. At these prices, a wine needs to deliver! While Merryvale's Profile has a good reputation with several excellent years in the 1990's, I can't imagine buying a case of this wine for nearly a thousand bucks and hoping it turns into something- because it won't. You can do a lot better for the money! Raise a glass!

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