Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ray Len Carolinius Red Wine 2003 Wine Review (NW)

Light, fruity nose with some watermelon aroma
An odd plastic taste on the palate
Some chocolate on the finish

Well, this wine is juicy but somewhat odd. I just couldn't get over the plastic taste, while the other three people who sampled the wine with me were put off by the watermelon "jolly rancher" aroma.

Ray Len is a winery in North Carolina which produces some interesting red blends, among other wines. This is a proprietary blend of several grapes that costs approximately $15 a bottle. Another similar wine in their line-up is called Category 5 and has been previously reviewed by PB and me. It was also very juicy and a little better put together than the Carolinius. More and more North Carolina wines are getting broader distribution and it's worth getting to know what's available. Raise a glass!

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