Friday, February 17, 2006

Beringer Chenin Blanc 2004 “Premium Vineyard Selection” wine review by (PB)

Previously reviewed, this wine just seems to get better and how on earth can you go wrong at–are you ready–$5-$7 a bottle. I know you can’t believe it and won’t try it because you are convinced that it can’t possibly be anything but an insipid, cloying white, soda-pop wine.

Okay, fine; don’t bother but DON’T SAY THE WINECASK DIDN’T TRY TO TIP YOU OFF! It has a pretty bouquet of citrus and pineapple with a balanced palate and texture. There is fruit, nice acid and more. Find it; buy it; and raise a glass!


At 7:33 PM permalink, Blogger David Ogilvie said...

The grapes for this wine were sourced from the Clarksburg appelation in the Sacramento River Delta of California. It is becoming or has become the place for wineries to source their Chenin. I know its not saying much about the region but it at least has that selling point. =) Other notable Chenins from the region are Vinum CNW, Dry Creek Vineyards, and the fabulous Pine Ridge Chenin-Viognier.

At 9:59 PM permalink, Blogger thom said...

I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to wine. But I'm slowly learning about, tasting and enjoying a variety of wines. Still my wife and I often buy an inexpensive wine to drink at the table. Often its Chenin Blanc, which have enjoyed over the last few years. This evening we opened a bottle of Beringers Chenin Blanc. After a glass we discovered debris in our glass and in the bottle. At first I thought it was some kind of larva- but it is a hard substance. It's not cork debris...I'm not sure what it is. Anyway I posted some pictures on flickr (my name is tomfehr or just search for beringers) and on a blog-
I'd like your feedback on it -if you had a moment take a look at the photos and give me your opinion on it. You can post a comment on the blog.


At 11:42 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought a bottle of this wine thinking that it would be a decent everyday type dinner wine. What a mistake. I will never buy another bottle of this stuff. First, the fake cork was so loose that it was forced into the bottle by my opener. When I did get to drink the wine, it had the sickening sweet flavor of a cheap wine. Will never buy Beringer again...

At 6:17 PM permalink, Blogger kaywarman said...

I, for one, love Beringer's Chenin Blanc. Not being an expert I find it smooth and just sweet enough to be very pleasing to the palate. Not being a wine snob I will be the first to admit that the price is an additional bonus! It seems to be agreeable when served with just about anything. I normally do Merlot so find this a refreshing relief.


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