Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sokol Blosser Evolution 9th Edition wine review by (PB)

This wine even has a unique name. Created by the folks at Sokol Blosser, it was sent to us for review by the folks at Paterno Imports. (see previous entry)

This wine, is a unique blend of 9—yes, count ‘em—NINE different varieties of grapes. In their published description of this wine they state, “The blend must be well-knit and integrated, yet the individual varietals character should still be evident. It’s like trying to mix nine different colors of paint and end up with a rainbow instead of a muddy brown.”

Do they succeed? Well, to say that authoritatively I would have to have much more experience with such a wine. I don’t know that I have ever had a wine made from 9 different varietals. What I can say though is that on opening the bouquet is really fragrant reminding me of a robust Gewurtztraminer filled with aromas of fruit compote.

In the mouth, it has a nice texture, is a bit sweet and would make a nice chilled Summer aperitif. It is somewhat lacking in enough acid to really pull the whole balance out to where it would be a really great food wine. I liked it more on initial tasting than later on as it became a little “too much” another sign of just not quite enough back bone.

I think the folks at SB were just trying to have some fun experimenting with a hodge- podge—albeit an educated if not artistic attempt--to do what may well be impossible.

The bottom line is, would I buy this wine? Well I have seen prices ranging from $12-$18. $18 is overboard by half. Perhaps at $9 I might but again, I like a solidly crisp white and this one just isn’t crisp. But for the fun of it—and if you are going to a bring- your-own-bottle tasting—this would be a perfect stumper wine even for the most experienced taster. Nobody is going to come up with 9 different grapes so raise a glass, and have some fun. (Be sure to watch for NW's review of the same wine)

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