Monday, February 13, 2006

Clos Mimi Petite Rousse 2003 wine review by (PB)

Sometime ago at one of my numerous visits to my favorite Freeport, Maine wine shop, Eric Fullagar recommended this feminine looking wine which comes with a pink label, pink foil and pink synthetic cork. But let me tell you; there is nothing petite about this wine.

It ought to come with a Bull Dog on the label sporting tattoos on its hind quarters. This Paso Robles wine is 100% Syrah and is Syrah in every way! On the pour it is deep, rich, magenta and leaves chromophores on the glass as you swirl.

The bouquet is baked bread, celery, cocoa and dark, dark fruit. In the mouth it is rich with nice mouth feel and good foundation of well structured tannins. Though closed for the time, it begs to be breathed and decanted which was recommended when I bought it.

After considerable time of breathing, fresh grapes come to the surface in a very subtle, enticing way. There are several layers of caraway, anise, blackberries, cranberries and a later touch of chocolate and vanilla. This is a nice new world wine with out the assaulting fruit forward style of many new world wines. At 16% alcohol, it is a tough wine but hides its masculinity very well.

I paid $20 for this treat at the Freeport Wine and Cheese Shop. If you’re ever there, do stop in and let Eric Fullagar–the affable shop-keeper, show you around and who knows– he just may give you a foot rub, or manicure. Why do you think I keep going back? Raise a glass and don’t forget your Valentine!

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