Saturday, February 18, 2006

Arcos do Rei Vinho de Mesa Tinto Wine Review (NW)

Non-vintage one liter bottle
Light burgundy color
Faint nose of plum and cherry
Thin palate
Short finish with a little pepper

For the past six months, PB and I have been sampling wines from the local bargain bins to see if there is anything worth repeating. Most of the wines have been very simple and some have been aweful. However, this and other wines from Portugal are some of the best bargains of the bin. At $4 for one liter, this wine was something we enjoyed for several evenings. It turned out to be a good "food wine". It wasn't too simple and sugary, nor was it too harsh and vegetal. I find this balance to be true of a lot of wines from Portugal, and many of them are bargain priced. Don't look for this to be a wine worth discussing all evening, rather think of it as a Tuesday night dinner wine. Raise a glass!

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Anonymous said...

Your evaluation raised to awareness of wines to be enjoyed with true pleasure rather than pretetious hauteur. I agree with you - wines should be a complement to our lives!