Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chateau Plo Du Roy 2000 wine review by (PB)

This gorgeous red-to-the-rim beauty comes from the extreme South-East corner of France called Minervois. The primary grapes of this region are Grenache, Syrah Noir and Carignan giving these wines a juicy overall tone. Some of the best wine bargains are coming out of this little known region (relatively speaking).

Even at 6 years old this wine is youthful right to the rim of the glass with an astounding first blast of cinnamon on opening with dark berry aromas.

In the mouth, this wine is loaded with black pepper, full and zesty. This is a wonderfully made wine with all things being just about perfect in harmony. On swallowing there is a meaty backbone with tannins that are still bold yet balanced. At $22, this is another wine value from this appellation but I have also had other Minervois wines for half the price and have not been disappointed. It plowed through our grilled rib-eyes yet allowed even the delicate flavors of asparagus to show off. I believe my wine-guy at the Freeport Wine and Cheese shop (Maine) recommended this wine. Nice—very nice! I’m raising a glass!

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