Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Word To Our Regular Visitors (PB)

One of the elements of a good blog is regular posting such that it does not become stale and turn away repeat viewers as they land on the blog only to find the same old post unchanged from the last time they visited. To that end I have tried to keep winecask updated at least daily with a pretty fair level of success. But—even PB has to leave town occasionally either on business or just to get away. So, to our regular visitors, do not loose heart!

I will be away from July 13-July 20 and more than likely, there will be no new posts between now and then unless life settles down for “Billy” and/or “NW” and they get behind the keyboard again.

So thank you for visiting, I shall return, and I appreciate your taking the time to stop by! Until we meet again at this website, by all means—“Raise a glass!”

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