Monday, July 04, 2005

Reserve Des Chapelains 2000 (PB)
I saw this on an end cap at one of my wine haunts with a sign that said $5.79 regularly $12.99. I said, “Hey for that price, regardless of what the wine was supposed to cost, you can’t go too wrong fro the price.” I picked up one bottle–Remember I have learned that no matter how good a deal something seems, if you haven’t tasted it, don’t buy more than one bottle!

This wine is a Cotes Du Rhone produced red with a “Villages” designation. It is quite a light red color with an interesting nose of ripe plums and touch of raisins. It is austere on the palate, smokey and somewhat strident.. With a little breathing it is still hot and tannic but with a subtle and unique flavor that is hard to describe. Not much on the finish but then again, it didn’t cost much out of the wallet. When you compare this wine at this price to the previously reviewed wine at nearly 10 times the price, you begin to understand what we mean when we talk about wine value...

Now raise a glass.

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