Monday, July 25, 2005

Columbia Crest Grand Estates Merlot 2001 (PB)

This is a re-tasting of an old favorite. I decanted it as I didn’t have a lot of time to breathe it. On the pour, the room filled with cherries and blackberries and super rich, ripe fruit. My wife said, “Wow! Perfume!”

In the mouth it is actually a little sweet compared to most merlot styles, and marvelously balanced and full of flavors of spicy fruit, chocolate fudge aromas and flavors and it is absolutely wowing!!!
This wine is definitely at its peak right now. At $ 40 this wine would be fine; at the $10 price it is, if you find it, grab it and drink it right away. This a sensational first class quaff with a finish that makes you want to salute!

(This wine was already on the "Recommended Wine list--for a comparison of that tasting and this, go to the same one on the recommended list.)

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